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International PhD Programme “Molecular Cell Biology”, Germany
18.12.2008 г.

20 Fully-Funded PhD Positions in MDC-HU, International PhD Programme “Molecular Cell Biology”, Germany  

Max Delbrück Centre for Molecular Medicine (MDC) in Berlin, Germany, in partnership with the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, offers 20 Fully-Funded PhD Positions to candidates wishing to pursue research doctorate training in the fields of:

Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, Molecular Genetics, Genomics, Molecular Cardiovascular Research, Cancer Research, Tumor Immunology, Developmental Biology, Systems Biology, Structural Biology, Neurobiology, and others.

This is a unique opportunity to develop your research career at the cutting edge of fundamental molecular biology and translational medicine in more than 50 basic or clinical research groups.

We are looking for high-calibre candidates of any nationality who hold, or expect to obtain, a German Diplom or a comparable research Master’s degree in Molecular or Cell Biology or related fields and have a good command of English, the working language of the programme. Visit our website to learn more about the MDC, the programme and the application procedure: www.mdc-berlin.de/phd

The MDC is a leading national research institute of the Helmholtz Association, the largest research organisation in Germany. On joining our international PhD programme, PhD students receive interdisciplinary training in Molecular Cell Biology and Molecular Medicine, and can also be selected to join the research schools in ‘Molecular Neurobiology’ (MolNeuro) or ‘Translational Cardiovascular Medicine’ (TransCard), or the MDC-NYU PhD Program in Medical Systems Biology. All PhD students enjoy support from the Helmholtz Graduate School “Molecular Cell Biology”, such as travel grants for conferences and external courses, participation in summer schools, annual PhD retreats and social activities.

Join our 200-member strong international PhD students’ community and enjoy living and studying in the heart of Europe, Berlin, one of the most vibrant (and affordable) European capitals!

MDC-HU International PhD Programme “Molecular Cell Biology”


Closing date: 19th of January 2009.


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