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Международная научная школа Гельмгольца «Молекулярная нейробиология»
22.12.2008 г.

Эта новая программа является результатом тесного сотрудничества между Центром молекулярной медицины имени Макса Дельбрюка (MDC) и Свободным Университетом Берлинa (Freie Universität Berlin, FU), включая Медицинский Университет Шаритэ (Charité – объединённый медицинский факультет HU и FU). Эта программа позволит аспирантам освоить молекулярные и генетические методы, чтобы лучше понять работу генных продуктов, как поодиночке, так и в системе сетей молекулярных процессов, контролируя развитие и функции нервной системы.

The school has been established in 2007, and is a joint activity of the Max-Delbrück Centre (MDC) for Molecular Medicine the Freie University (FU) Berlin and the Charité. Every year we will select 5-10 students from around the world on a competitive basis to join the Program. We will offer you the opportunity to pursue a state of the art research project in the area of molecular neurobiology combined with a structured and flexible program that will cover all your training needs in the field of Neurobiology. The training consists of a mixture of lectures, journal clubs, practical courses and soft skills training provided by the Helmholtz Society. Furthermore, we offer central funding to attend to at least one conference to present your result from your PhD-Project.

Language: The working language of the Program is English.

Starting Date: you should be able to start in autumn 2009

Funding: Successful PhD candidates are offered a fully-funded doctoral position either at the MDC  the Freie Universität or the Charité. The salary level paid for the graduate students employed as research assistants is in accordance with the standard tariff for the German public service sector.

PhD Degree: As a rule, our PhD students are enrolled at the Free University of Berlin or the Humboldt University of Berlin to obtain their degree - Doctor rerum naturalium (Dr. rer. nat.), translated as Doctor of Natural Sciences. This is a German equivalent of the PhD degree and is internationally recognized and accepted as such. The newly established “Ph.D. in Medical Neurosciences” from the Charité is also an option for graduates from the “MolNeuro” research school. Students can also, in principle, also opt to obtain their PhD degree from a university in their home country if they wish.

2009 application is now open.

Closing date is Monday, 19th of January,  2009.

http://www.mdc-berlin.de/en/ phd_ausbildung/phd_program/ research_school/index.html

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