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May 25 is Africa Day, African Freedom Day, annually dedicated to the anniversary of the founding of the Organization of African Unity, whose activities are dedicated to the ideals of peace, development and prosperity.

Russia and African countries have a rich history of relations, including the field of higher education. African students began to come to study at our universities back in the late 1950s, and after the creation of the Patrice Lumumba Peoples' Friendship University (now RUDN University) in 1960, their number grew every year.

The main specialties chosen by African students at Russian universities today are largely related to the medical field. And in 1962 (60 years ago!), Tver State Medical University was among the first in Russia to start educating students from African countries. Since then, it has become not just a tradition, but one of the priority areas of educational activity. We are proud of each of our graduates, and over the years, thousands of excellent medical, dental and pediatric doctors have left the Tver "alma mater".

Dear friends! We congratulate all our students and colleagues from Africa on this important holiday and wish them success in their studies and work, a peaceful sky over their heads, happiness, prosperity and all the best!


Rector, Professor of the Tver State Medical University
L.V. Chichanovskaya
and the entire staff of the University

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Every year on May 24, the Day of Slavic Writing and Culture is celebrated - the only church and state holiday in Russia, which is a reminder to all of us about the origins of our spirituality, that Russian culture inherits the ancient and great traditions of Slavic culture, about the role of writing in its formation and development. Currently, scientific forums are dedicated to this holiday, festivals, exhibitions, book fairs, poetry readings, amateur art shows, concerts and other various cultural events are held.

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Each culture is unique and original and reflects the diversity of our civilization. This is the value of different cultures, but at the same time they form a unity. In order to strengthen international dialogue, which is the basis for the prosperous development of society, the World Day of Cultural Diversity, established by the United Nations, is held annually on May 21, with the aim of deeply understanding the value of cultures of different peoples and developing cooperation between them.

Tver State Medical University, where students from different countries study, supports the ideas of multiculturalism and international cooperation. We love and appreciate our native culture, introduce students from different parts of the world to it, but also strive to learn more about the culture of other nations whose representatives study in Tver. As part of the work of the International Friendship Club with the support of the Center for International Education of TvSMU, on May 23, 2022, the Kaleidoscope of Cultures festival was held, organized by the Department of Russian language, during which foreign students represented the culture of their countries. The participants and spectators of the festival were lucky enough to make a kind of "journey" to different parts of the world, get acquainted with various traditions and customs, plunge into a new world for them.

Specialty codes

Name of Training Program

The cost of 1 course of study (rub.)

Full cost of educational service (rub.)


General Medicine

173 320

1 039 920



173 320

1 039 920



216 990

1 084 950



151 650

758 250


For foreign citizens enrolled in educational programs of higher education - specialty programs General Medicine using English

262 760

1 576 560

Education in the specialty 31.05.01 General Medicine is conducted in English from the first to the sixth course

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The Vice-Rector for International Affairs, R. N. Chirkov, and the Head of the Center for International Education, A. G. Ivanov, hold meetings with foreign students in accordance with the schedule.

The purpose of the meetings is to explain to students the norms of legislation establishing responsibility for the promotion of terrorist activities and the spread of extremist ideology. Particular attention will be focused on the inadmissibility of destructive behavior and the rules of living in hostels, compliance with which allows you to effectively counter the terrorist threat and minimize the possibility of terrorist acts.

The Vice-Rector for International Affairs, R. N. Chirkov, answers students' questions concerning education, passing intermediate certification, everyday life and living standards in hostels.

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Associate Professor A.T. Aksenova and Sri Lankan 4th year students at the foot of the Memorial Complex (Rzhev).jpg

Russian language teachers organized and conducted a bus tour to the ancient Russian city of Staritsa and the City of Military Glory Rzhev for foreign students of 1-4 courses on May 12, 2022, as part of the work of the International Friendship Club of Tver State Medical University with the support of the Vice-Rector for International Affairs R.N. Chirkov, Head of the Center for International Education A.G. Ivanov. 54 students took part in the event, the purpose of which is to foster tolerance in interethnic relations, respect for the culture of the country of the language being studied.

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(1) Rector L.V. Chichanovskaya with the participants of the event.JPG

The International Friendship Club has started its activity at Tver State Medical University with grand opening that took place on April 28, 2022. Our university (then Kalinin State Medical Institute) opened its doors to students who came to the USSR from different countries to become a doctor 60 years ago. In a multinational family of medical students, the word "friendship" sounded in different languages of the peoples of the world.

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In early April, for students of the 1st and 3rd courses of the Faculties of Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy from Benin, Israel, Egypt, Syria, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan, an excursion to the Tver Art Gallery took place, which was a logical continuation of the lesson on the topic "Russian Art". This educational event, organized by teachers of the Department of Russian Language (E.D. Aksenova, L.G. Vitlinskaya, N.N. Tolkacheva, E.Y. Borodina), was preceded by a lot of preparatory work: at the lesson-presentations "Types of art. Russian Landscape" students got acquainted with the vocabulary on the topic of "Art", completed lexical and grammatical tasks, read texts about Russian artists. During the tour, future doctors saw pictures of the great Russian landscape painters – Levitan, Repin, Shishkin, Aivazovsky, learned important facts about the life and work of the artists. In addition, the students were interested in the history of the Tver Imperial Travel Palace, and they also had the opportunity to visit an exhibition dedicated to the Russian portrait.

The excursion to the art gallery allowed to expand information about the historical and cultural heritage of Tver, and immersion in the language environment helped to overcome language difficulties in communication. Familiarity with the best examples of Russian artistic culture greatly contributed to the formation of general cultural competencies and social and cultural adaptation of foreign students.


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April 12 is an important date in the history of all mankind. On this day 61 years ago, Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Alekseevich Gagarin was the first in the world to successfully fly into space. A cultural event dedicated to this event was held at the Department of Russian Language - a linguistic and cultural lesson "April 12 – Cosmonautics Day". Foreign students of the preparatory department from Egypt, Israel, India, Iraq, Lebanon, Mauritania, Morocco, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan got acquainted with an important event that marked the beginning of human space flights.

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06.04.2022 as part of the social and cultural adaptation program, the students of the Preparatory department of TSMU visited one of the most famous and favorite sights of Tver - the Imperial Travel Palace. Built at the end of the 18th century by order of Empress Catherine II, the palace still pleases residents and guests of the city with its architecture and interior decoration.

Students from Syria, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Morocco, Mauritania, Ecuador, Saudi Arabia, India, Nigeria, Lebanon and Egypt were able to fully appreciate the beauty of this place by visiting an excursion organized by teachers of the preparatory department, assistants N.Y. Gribovskaya and M.N. Pavlova.

After walking through the halls of the Imperial Travel Palace, the students of the preparatory department got acquainted with the works of artists of various times and countries. The students were particularly impressed by the numerous household items, as well as the hall dedicated to the history of the Russian Church with samples of church paintings presented there. The students appreciated the interior of the palace, especially noting the Ceremonial hall, where previously events with the participation of the local aristocracy were held and lavish balls were arranged.


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